5 Things The Universe Wants You To Know

Susan Bostian
4 min readJul 29, 2021

And How They Can Change Your Life

Stanford Dish in Palo Alto, California. Photo by Susan Bostian

Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone and then running into them in some random place? Have you ever thought about something and then found answers popping up all around you?

I have the extremely good fortune to live in Silicon Valley and I like to walk at least two miles every morning. I venture out when the streets are empty and the sound of birds singing fills the air. The early morning fog is sometimes still lingering and I feel connected to everything around me.

During these sacred moments, I’ve had exceptional experiences. I would like to share with you five things I’ve learned from these walks with the universe.

1. The Universe Is Always Listening

The Pear. Photo by Susan Bostian

One morning as I was walking downtown and feeling thankful for my health, I started to consider what actions I could take to improve my physical condition. I turned to a window to see myself and the word Pear appeared above my reflection.

Typically, I’m not a fan of comparing women’s shapes to fruit, but, I have to admit that the photo was accurate. The whole incident made me laugh and renew my intention to get into better shape.

2. The Universe Has A Sense Of Humor

The Hippo. Photo by Susan Bostian

I told a few people about my previous experience with the Pear but mostly forgotten about implementing the changes to my diet that I had intended to make. And then one day, this Hippo image appeared directly in front of me!

I’ve walked these streets for years and never seen this sign. It’s probably a real company but on this particular morning, I couldn’t stop laughing at the outrageous lengths the universe will go to deliver its message!

3. The Universe Is Benevolent And Full Of Encouragement