Publish or Perish

Please Don’t Think I’ve Gone MIA

Susan Bostian


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Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

In certain academic settings such as universities, there is pressure to publish articles or lose status among peers and the professional community. And so it is with the Medium platform as well.

The Membership rules state that I need to publish or risk being considered inactive. Here’s why there’s been less of me on here.

After a robust writing start last summer, I suddenly became a mother of three children at the tender age of 70.

You might have read my story about not wanting to admit that I was 69 years old.

Well, now I tell everyone that I am seventy years old and taking care of three children.

I’m not sure who or what created us and I’m often critical of some of the design features of this life, but, I am absolutely humbled by the brilliance of having an end date for women to procreate.

I am of course, madly in love with these three precious beings. And I would sacrifice everything to ensure that they feel safe and loved. But, when I tell anyone that I am seventy, No One says, “Really, you don’t look seventy?”

But now, I am grateful that I am any age at all and healthy enough to take care of my little darlings.

This brings me back to the point of not writing anything here for the past six months. I’m alive! Thank you to everyone who inquired about my lack of postings. But, I have not found the time to keep three children alive and write creative, funny, thoughtful (at least in my mind) stories for the world.

I will write more about this subject later.

And dear Medium, please don’t label me as inactive! I promise to find a way to prove to you that I can still show up here.

photo by Susan Bostian

I’m still here, just a little busy cuddling my littlest lovebug.