Susan Bostian
1 min readApr 9, 2024


Thank you again so much for this link, Joe. Here's yet more information about the movement to repeal forced arbitration. Looks like Democrats have introduced legislation to repeal it and Republicans have blocked it.

This is the article that contains the following information that individuals are less likely to receive a favorable outcome during forced arbitration.

Here's one paragraph where the it states that individuals are less likely to get a fair outcome during forced arbitration.

Main articles: Arbitration clause and Class action waiver

Forced arbitration clauses are commonly found in contracts between individuals and businesses. In cases where individuals bring legal claims against their employer or a business, forced arbitration clauses generally prohibit them taking such claims to court and instead substitute closed-door arbitration proceedings, where they are less likely to receive an impartial hearing.[7]

Some employers have removed provisions from contracts subjecting their employees to forced arbitration amid public pressure regarding concerns that the practice inhibits the rights of workers to hold their employer accountable for allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage theft.[8] In November 2018, over 20,000 employees of the technology giant Google organized a walkout protest against the company in response to Google's policies around "equity and transparency in the workplace", which includes forced arbitration in worker contracts.[9] In February 2019, Google announced they were ending their policy of forced arbitration for full-time employees.[10]

Thank you for this very useful resource.